The Malicounda Hen House

The Malicounda Hen House

Despite not being able to be in Senegal in person, WGE played an active part in every step of the Malicounda elementary school’s hen house implementation plan thanks to its partnership with the school! We funded and supervised the construction of the hen house, the supply of start-up equipment (feeders and heaters for the chicks) and of course, the purchase of the first 100 vaccinated chicks along with their feed.

Thanks to the care of Mr. Mamadou Faye, 95 chicks grew up to be healthy meat chickens and rendered profitable sales.

Proceeds help support promising projects for the students, compensate hen house staff and, in the self-financing spirit of WGE’s endeavours, profits are used to purchase more birds.

A second brood of chicks is already in the making: a sign of good things to come!

Women Global Engagement continues to closely follow this wonderful accomplishment, providing support and expertise as things progress!

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